We tend to label people “creatives” and “non-creatives” but everyone has the capability in one way or another, we just need to learn to listen to our inner voice and not be discouraged by others.

You don’t have to be a successful artist, the best singer, or novelist to be creative. Most of us get told we’re not good at something so we don’t do it anymore, but if you’re curious or interested in something you should see where it leads you. Try a dance class, pottery class, join an amateur choir, throw some paint around or sit in the park and draw what you see. We’ve all become obsessed (myself included) with the hustle and being busy, doing something just because you enjoy it is what life is really about.


How do you increase your creativity?

Watch the world around you. 

Try to spend time away from screens and watch the world go by. Watch the movement in nature or people as they go about their day. Be aware of everything and from different spaces, you never know where you will find inspiration.

Be aware of your feelings. 

When you watch the world go by how do these things affect you, how do they make you feel? Stop thinking with your head and follow your gut. Embrace the things that give you more emotion and then create with that feeling.

Stop trying so hard. 

Don’t focus on the end product (I’m guilty of this). Paint for the sake of painting, draw just to see what happens or take photos with no expectations. If you’re goal oriented or usually have an end product in mind then you won’t allow yourself to go in new directions or create happy accidents.

Try something new.

If you always draw try taking a pottery class or a dance class. It doesn’t matter if you are good or bad just experiment with new things. New experiences and perspectives will push your creativity.


Abundance and creativity quote

I’d love to hear how you increase your creativity skills, leave a comment below or message me on Instagram. We all have special skills to share, life is not a competition, it’s a party so share the wine!