They saying goes “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and I don’t disagree but beautiful isn’t just what you see it’s a feeling. Feeling beautiful, confident or sexy is more important because without it nothing else matters. What makes you feel sexy? Is it the same thing that makes you feel pretty or beautiful? What makes you feel confident?

I think it’s different for each woman but often we talk about feeling confident, sexy or pretty and relate it to clothes or designer makeup. I feel great when I put on a new outfit or love what I’m wearing but it doesn’t mean I need one to feel the other.


How to feel confident and sexy

Feeling healthy

Everyone has different ways of looking after their health but I can tell you that it doesn’t matter what I do or wear if I feel bloated, run down or exhausted I do not feel confident or sexy and there is no way I’ll be in the mood for any bedroom gymnastics. My first priority is health, eating the right food and being mobile is the first place to start.

Soft skin

Hair removal, I’m not telling you that you need to remove your body hair but I personally feel sexier when I have removed certain hair from my body. I take a hot shower then massage moisturizer into my whole body, I don’t always make the time to moisturize from head to toe but I feel so much better when I know my skin looks and feels good.

A good hair day

I know you can’t always fix a bad hair, sometimes I just have a bad hair day and I can’t figure out why, but I always feel confident when my hair looks good so if I have something really important or need an extra boost I go to my hairdresser. Walking out of the salon really gives me that extra boost. If I can’t visit the salon then I put on a hair mask the night before and try and take the extra time to blow dry my hair properly.

Feeling comfortable

It takes experimentation to find what clothes and makeup look best on you and I do suggest trying out new things but finding what suits and sticking to it is very important. I never feel confident wearing clothes that don’t suit me or more makeup than I usually wear. If I buy clothes just because they look great on someone else or wear different makeup because someone else tells me too then I feel uncomfortable, ugly, fat or fake and no one wants that. Take all advice with a pinch of salt (including my own) and figure out what’s best for you.


What do you do to feel your best or boost your confidence? I would love to hear what makes you feel good, leave a comment or message me on Instagram.

Just remember life is not a competition or race, it’s a party so share the wine!

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