The Brand 

Our purpose is to provide luxury for every occasion and fine jewellery for the effortlessly chic. Always handcrafted with love and care to produce alluring and elegant accessories. We believe in quality jewellery that is durable to your lifestyle and transcends seasons or trends. All of our pieces are handmade in London, England.

We make jewellery for the curious and creative woman. She seeks new places and experiences. She has defined her style, and knows what finishing touches compliment her best.

For women who don’t settle, follow their curiosity and appreciate each moment. Life is short, style is eternal; make every moment count.


The Designer 


Storey By Storey was launched by British designer Lucy Wilson-Storey with the focus of bringing elegance back to modern fashion.

 Lucy’s first love was painting and sculpture but her eye for detail encouraged her obsession with accessories. While working as a handbag designer in Hong Kong and traveling around Asia, she struggled to find what she was looking for. “I would end up with half my baggage allowance in jewellery. I had a variety of costume jewellery that went with every trend but I didn’t love any of it. What I really wanted was something that I adored and went with every outfit. Beautiful jewellery that made me feel beautiful in everything.”

 Lucy’s first collection was inspired by the jewellery that had been passed down to her from her mother and grandmother and continues to influence all of her designs. “ I absolutely love the pieces that were passed down to me because they were treasured and worn for a lifetime and I will do the same”. All of the jewellery Lucy makes is carefully crafted with the intentions of being loved, worn, and passed down.

 As we’ve become accustomed to having something new for each trend and season we value them less. Lucy focuses on creating something that will last a lifetime and that you will love just as long.