We all know how time can pass by so quickly, so how do we make the most of each moment?

I try to pay attention to each detail, when you look back at something it can feel like a blur so I try and take notice of the small things that make that moment special.

When I’m celebrating an occasion I want to savour all of it. Nothing is special when you are in a rush, time is a luxury that we all have but only in a limited amount.

If someone gives me flowers I put them in my favourite vase, try to remember to change the water every 2 days so they last longer and take in the scent of them when they catch my eye. Why? Because why not make the most of something beautiful?

If I have the pleasure of staying in a beautiful hotel I also try and make the most of the experience. Unless you are constantly travelling why not take every advantage of the experience. Does the room have a view? Get a glass (bottle) of champagne and sit by the window and watch the world go by. Order breakfast in bed, put extra butter on your croissant and close your eyes and remember how good food is when your not concentrating on something else.

I’m guilty of constantly multi tasking and rushing around like a mad woman to the point that I’m not paying attention to the things I should but I’m trying to be conscious of this and recognise when I need to stop and enjoy something. So my new goal is to work harder and be more productive when I’m working so that I can switch of and enjoy everything else when I’not.

It’s so trendy to be busy and in a rush with no sleep while living off coffee but at 30 years old I’ll tell you that I don’t want to be one of those people anymore. I want 8 hours sleep (ok 9 if I’m honest) I want to have a great career that doesn’t overlap into my personal time and I want to eat the croissant and have that extra glass of wine and not feel guilty about any of it.

Life is just series of special moments with the other stuff in between.

Photos taken at the Conrad London St. James

Just remember, life isn’t a race, it’s a party so share the wine! X

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