This summer has been a little crazy, we didn’t do any travelling for the first 5 months of the year knowing that the wedding season this year was going to be full! I had never been to Corsica and didn’t know much about it but it was a beautiful destination and incredible place for a wedding.

I spent what seemed like eternity looking for the right dress – the dress code was Summer Cocktail – and I always feel better over dressed than under so decided that a colourful maxi dress would be perfect. I found a few gems but they were sold out in my size so I eventually settled on this orange maxi dress from Asos, such a steal! When I put on the dress it felt fun and elegant but I wanted something a little extra so instead of tying it at the back I wrapped it round to the front and tied a bow for a little extra POW POW.

Full disclosure – I wore spanks underneath the maxi as my hips are full of secrets (or cellulite) my hips and thighs are the widest part of my body so maxi dresses are not usually flattering. I find that anything hanging from the widest part of my body isn’t flattering on my body type, they say diamonds are a girls best friend but a good pair of spanx is the friend that keeps all your secrets hidden.

The dress looked even better in person, I didn’t take time to take proper photos as we were enjoying the trip a little too much but here are some candid snaps from the wedding!

I love this outfit and it was very budget friendly, the dress was inexpensive and the accessories were a little more expensive but they are something I wear all the time so cost per wear is very low! Of course my pearl earrings are my own and available here.

Outfit Details:


Here are a few more dress options that are all very affordable:


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